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By Amanda Critchlow, Dec 14 2017 12:06PM

Oops I have been a bit remiss at updating my website, apologies.

My latest work has been included in the International Feltmakers magazine Felt Matters. I include the text here for non members to read. The images are included in my gallery where you will also find the beach pot with shells and naturally dyed silk additions.

"All the myriad of blues shared by the sea and sky are the inspiration for my latest felt. The fluctuations, movements and shifting colours held within water or the depths of the sky inspire me. There is something enriching in blending blues to create something which reminds me of these natural elements. It is satisfying to bring the colour blue alive by giving it depth and texture – a few fibres of many blues layered together, some hand dyed curls, the lustre of silk, a froth of white fleece. Then watching the mixing, fusing and deepening as the felting process progresses: the end result always unique. Such joy!

Decorating the sea pot with shells gleaned from the beaches I visit, all with natural holes through which I can pass my needle, and feathers from passing birds brings more of the elemental quality of the sea and sky to the pots. In this way I show respect for the natural world which supports us and also acknowledge the spiritual aspect which is ever present.

I feel more comfortable with natural dyes and am lucky enough to be able to dye fleece from my friend’s flock with her in her indigo dye workroom. It is more meaningful when using these fibres which have variation in colour due to the natural dye processes. The felt on the cushions are made entirely from her fleeces, hand carded and teased to keep the movement and curl. I have been working with textiles a long time and have found felting a very rewarding medium to work in."

By Amanda Critchlow, Jul 26 2015 11:27PM

I have been making felt and then embellishing it with botanical contact printing. I have been using white shetland fleece as the felt fibres which gives me a smooth and strong fabric. I then place the leaves, lichen, flowers and skins onto the felt, roll it up tight and steam the bundle. The inspiration has come from India Flint who has written books on the subject and the rest is trial and error and experimentation. From an ethical point of view I find using onion skins, leaves and lichen fallen from the trees, lily stamen and flowers gathered from the garden all fit in with my environmental policies. I love the result and am very happy with the bags and purses that I have made from these original pieces of felt.

By Amanda Critchlow, Mar 31 2015 09:11PM

I have just had the pleasure to teach two workshops. The first was to the Busy Bees in Devon: a lovely group of girls all very artistic and creative. We had a lovely day learning about felt and making pots in a range of colours and curves. Thank you Elaine and Hayley for hosting and organising the day.



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