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I have always been surrounded by art and textiles. My mother has always been a seamstress and now, in her seventies, still hand quilts wonderful patchwork designs; my father has always painted and worked with geometry and architecture. As a teenager, my older sister and I used an old hand powered sewing machine to make our own creations. Sometimes I would buy material and second hand clothes from a local street market in London; by the end of Saturday would have a new and unique outfit to wear to the party.


I completed a textile course at the Chelsea School of Art which furthered my interest in silkscreen printing, dying, knitting and weaving. I made children's clothes which I then sold at craft markets. I first dyed the threads and yarn, then either hand knitted them or wove them into fabric to create the co-ordinating garments: my first daughter being a wonderful model.


We moved to Devon when our third child was born and I concentrated on bringing up our three daughters and son whilst continuing to make textile items; mostly bags, purses and cushions which I would then sell locally. I still do, mostly through the annual Crux Craft Fair. Crux Craft Fair has been going for sixteen years now and started with seven of us in a small barn conversion. It has grown to over 30 designer-makers selected from the South West area. From a studio that my husband built for me, overlooking our beautiful garden, I continue to make a wide range of textile creations, which has lead me to branch out into felt and all its wonderfully endless possibilities.


I hope you enjoy browsing through these pages and find that little something that you just love. If you have any specific ideas for that extra special item, please get in touch.



Amanda Critchlow

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